Start of New Academic Year!

Saraswati Shishukunj school new academic year

It’s school time again! Students feel excited to meet their friends and to start their new academic year. The new students might be feeling little nervous or scared on their first day of school but the school teachers and staff are all prepared to warmly welcome them and make them feel comfortable in the school premises. Luckily these worries don’t stay for a long time and students get comfortable with their new teaches, new class, new classmates easily. Some extrovert students get along with the new environment easily and school helps all the introverts to get along with them. Saraswati Shishukunj have the great teachers to take care of students and help them get good grades in their exams. Saraswati Shishukunj welcomes all the students; new and old to the new academic year and wishes good luck to everyone.