Why schools should focus on project based learning?

Project Making is an important skill that needs to be inculcated in the habit of every student. Projects are a way to have hands-on experience of the theoretical learnings. Projects are like vehicles for teaching the important knowledge and skills for the students to learn.

Projects are a way to guide the kids the difference between textbook learning and practical implications.
In Project-based learning, teachers can make learning come alive for their students.

Students of all ages need to be trained for projects and project making. This has the ability not just to make their minds more agile and intelligent but also to make them dynamic and flexible.

Projects develop a capacity among children to act as problem solvers

It is known that children have various learning styles, they build their background on the grounds of various factual knowledge and references.

Developing interest and passion is what drives learning forward. Projects make learning interactive on a scale wherein they can very well digest the knowledge, the facts and the functioning in real world.

Recent research portrayed that schools that worked on Project-based Learning had a steep decline in the number of absenteeism and has marked an improvement in student’s achievement.
Practical knowledge is the key to success in every domain.

Benefits that project-based learning can provide to the teachers:

1. They get to know about the kid’s personality, their intelligence level and their grasping skills.
2. Assessment is easy on academic grounds to catch their knowledge of solving problems.
3. The skills developed through practical project work is kept intact as a life long learning and is highly beneficial for the students.
4. It gives the teachers multiple assessment opportunities to judge and evaluate the students not just on the basis of single theory examination.

Training or teaching through projects is one of the best ways to make learning easy and effective.

Benefits that project-based learning can provide to the teachers:
Benefits that Project Based Learning can provide to the students:

1. Team Working and group working is what students learn from the projects.
2. Overall Personality development for the students.
3. It gives students hands-on expertise on technological grounds.

Projects and project making should be encouraged more and more among students as they enhance the way of learning.

Project-Based Learning can act as a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, or complex question, problem, or any challenge.

Failure in Projects are worth as Learning Experience:

There have been many cases when projects fail to run. In such cases, it acts as a strong learning experience for the students and the teachers.

As said, “Failures are the key to success”. More the failures during learning timeless will be the failure ahead in life.

Projects are the best guides, better than the teachers as they can guide with a more practical approach.

Project -making and learning through projects need to be started from an early age for the students so that they get used to it as well as develop certain skills from a young age.


Conclusion:- Projects fill the students with enthusiasm and help bring out the best among them. It must be encouraged to a great extent.

Infact every school and every educational institution should focus more on pragmatic knowledge gathering.

School is one of the most important part of a students life and it should teach them the value of every lesson and every learning.