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  • Why extracurricular activities are important for students

    What can be termed as an extracurricular activity?

    Extracurricular activities are activities that fall outside the scope of the regular curriculum. Completing extracurricular activities means the students are going beyond their school requirements.

    However, simply playing cricket with friends on the weekends for fun isn’t actually an extracurricular activity, even though it has nothing to do with school.

    Extracurricular activities require a regular time commitment and initiative such as being on a sports team, forming a student body, playing a musical instrument in the local orchestra or taking an online course on robotics.

    extracurricular activities are important for students
    What are the benefits of Extracurricular Activities?
    What are the benefits of Extracurricular Activities?

    Extracurricular activities are a great way to achieve holistic growth in students. Co-curricular activities teach the students all those skills that can never be learned inside a classroom.

    Physical Education and school activities beyond the predefined curriculum of the schooling system can be termed as an extracurricular activity and can change the entire perspective and attitude of the students.

    Listed below are a few benefits of extracurricular activities:

    1. Improved Academic Performance

    Sometimes students and their parents worry that participating in extracurricular activities may take away too much time from their schoolwork, thus affecting their grades.

    However, it turns out that extracurricular activities can actually improve the student’s grades and his outlook on school in general!

    Participating in co-curricular activities that the student is passionate about can increase his brain function, help him concentrate and manage his time better, all of which can lead to higher grades.
    For example, high endurance sports will train him to focus and build stamina, giving him an advantage when it comes to studying and taking competitive exams.

    1. Improved Academic Performance
    2. Explore Interests and Create Broader Perspectives
    2. Explore Interests and Create Broader Perspectives

    When children participate in multiple different activities, they get the opportunity to explore a wide range of interests.

    When schools introduce students to a whole new horizon of activities, it gives them better insight and lets them choose what they enjoy and what they wish to learn.

    Plus, diversifying student’s interests subsequently broadens their view about the world.

    3. Higher Self-esteem

    A student’s self-confidence will improve once he achieves success through activities that he is really passionate about. Once a child’s confidence improves, he will be more open to taking risks in all aspects of his life.

    For example, if a student is really great at math and his teacher encourages him to participate in competitions. He joins the school team and starts training for the National Math Olympiad. What happens during the process is that, he realizes how fun math can be and how talented he is, which gives him a massive confidence boost.

    3. Higher Self-esteem
    4. Social Networking Opportunities
    4. Social Networking Opportunities

    Making friends can be difficult, but one of the easiest ways to make friends is through extracurricular activities. These activities groom the students in the art of living and working together, in a team.

    Every activity that a student engages in provides him with an opportunity to expand his social network

    For example, if you make a few friends doing community service at school you would probably decide to start a volunteer club together and really make an impact in your community!

    5. Essential Life Skills

    Extracurricular activities help to enhance the all-round personality of the students and enable them to strongly face the turbulent road of the future.

    Life skills can neither be learned out of a textbook, not by attending regular classes at school. One has to get involved in an extensive range of co-curricular activities to serve this purpose.

    Experiences gained through these activities instill various life skills that assist students during internships, jobs and other programs.

    One of the greatest advantages extracurricular activities provide is the gift of “real world” skills. These skills include:

    5. Essential Life Skills
    • Goal setting
    • Teamwork
    • Time management
    • Responsibility
    • Prioritization
    • Problem-solving
    • Analytical thinking
    • Leadership
    • Public speaking
    • Commitment
    6. Resumes
    6. Resumes

    Without much previous work experience, one of the only ways hiring managers assess the ability and work ethic of a prospective employee is through the list of extracurricular activities that he/she has participated in.

    For example, if a student was on a debating team, the manager would know that he can work well with others, can argue a point professionally and also has experience in public speaking – all awesome skills to have in the workplace!