Why examinations are necessary for students growth

“Exams” – the word itself brings fear among the students. Examinations are a part of life, but for the students, they are a source of anxiety and frustration.

But the question here arises – Is examination necessary in school?
The answer to this question is a big YES

Exams are a part of growing up, they are really important and necessary when it comes to knowledge testing.

Examinations are not meant for creating a feeling of depression among students, they are meant to create a sense of responsibility among those learners to remember the concepts and present them in the most valuable form.

Why Examinations are necessary for students growth

Testing the knowledge gained and the presentation of that knowledge is the reason behind conducting these examinations. Exams enhance the child’s overall personality and memory and revision skills.

Few Advantages of conducting these assessments include –

Strong memory for school final exam
1. Strong memory

Examinations develop a strong mindset with a good memory for remembering the contents taught so as to have a lifetime learning of the same.

Question papers make you remember the concepts taught for a longer period of time.

2. Good grades and confidence

With good grades comes the confidence to stand out and show others the expertise you have in your field.

Grades matter as they are a measure of your conceptual understanding, memory power and knowledge you have in your field.

3. Practical implications

When papers are conducted so as to test the practical knowledge of the same, they turn out to be really helpful for the students in the long run as they are tuned to the practical world around them and the need to apply those fresh concepts, enabling the students to develop new ideas and innovate something new and astonishing.

4. Competitive Spirit

Competition is healthy if it is taken in an unrivalled way. The spirit of competition is in itself a way of promoting and developing new ideas. Some practical exams, when conducted, can really improve a child’s thinking capability and create an innovative mind.

Practical Implications in saraswati shishukunj exam
Ability to work under pressure for writting you final year paper
5. Ability to work under pressure

It is one of the most fundamental quality to develop in a growing student so that they can handle the pressure when they step out in the corporate environment.

With exams, the ability to work and think under pressure becomes primal thus building an important trait for the students to develop over time.

6. With knowledge comes great power

Exams are a way of testing a person’s knowledge. It can bring out the best minds and the minds which are filled with extensive knowledge, research and commitment to work.

They are a way to empower a person and give him the power to speak for his knowledge.

7.Time management

Time management is a key to success and in a skill which needs the practice to master. People struggle even after having years of experience in the corporate world to manage their time efficiently.

Exams are conducted in a limited time frame slot so as to teach the growing minds the importance of time.

8. They act as a feedback mechanism for both teachers and students

The efforts of the teachers and the hard work of the students are both reflected in a very appropriate manner through examinations and assessments. At times it gives a clear picture of what you know and what you thought you knew.

Time Management for final exam
Disadvantages of Examinations
Disadvantages of examinations

As a popular quote goes – “Everything has certain PROS and CONS”, conducting exams also has its disadvantages.

Few disadvantages of examinations include –

1. Cramming and not brainstorming

These days conducting examinations has been associated with obtaining a good score on the test rather than assessing the knowledge gained.

Which in turn leads to cramming and later forgetting the content altogether – a very harmful methodology.

Nowadays due to this reason, the knowledge of the students is getting limited only to books and papers taught in schools or colleges for exams.

2. Unhealthy competition

These days exams are taken in a very unhealthy manner with competition being taken personally and way too seriously so as to damage a child’s self confidence.

With parents comparing the results of students and friends, leading to the lowering of a child’s potential and confidence.

3. Judging a child’s ability through mere exam papers

The results of competitions are taken as a measure to judge a child’s overall capability and this should not be the case.

Unhealthy Competition

Grades can definitely improve the confidence level but on a similar note, the societal impact and overall development of a student both mentally and physically are of utmost importance.

Schools are a student’s second home and exams are a way to make them ready for future challenges so they do not give up when they face hardships.
Schools are meant to provide the student knowledge, care, commitment and lessons of life.

We must not forget that the advantages exceed the disadvantages and hence, exams must be taken as a part of a feedback mechanism for the students.

Exams are very important as they train the students like commanders, prepare them for the war ahead wherein they can excel and prove themselves to be a better version of themselves.

As said- “Challenges don’t come to break you, they come to make you realize your true potential”.
So for the next time, during examinations- Don’t panic, Don’t stress, Don’t fear just Calm down, relax and gear up for this beautiful challenge.

Remember although a sheet of paper cannot determine your future or your capabilities it can definitely enrich you with good respect, knowledge, experience and challenges that lead to growth.