Why daily prayers are an important part of your kid’s day

Prayers are a crucial part of a child’s upbringing. When schools regularly conduct prayers, these daily prayers and in turn God becomes an integral part in the student’s life.
Kids are naturally spiritual, they love unconditionally, and they are always overflowing with joy. They are filled with innocence and hence they need prayers to build and maintain their faith.
Faith is something that pulls everyone through hard times and helps us overcome all sorrows along with giving us the ability to appreciate the good things we already have in our lives.
Prayers are a kid’s conversation with God, and it is our duty to help them communicate. Given below are a few reasons as to why daily prayers are an important part of your kid’s day:

daily prayers

1. Prayer can set the tone of the day:

Students wake up full of hope for a new day, then it inevitably hits a difficult point and they are sent swirling into frustration and anxiety.
This can be avoided by giving them the inner strength to face all the challenges of the day with the help of prayers. Prayers build an instant connection between students and God, and build a belief in the students that – since God is by their side, nothing can ever go wrong!
This positivity that students create during school prayers lead them into having an overall positive day.

2. Prayer resolves daily frustrations:

Starting their day with prayer will help the students set their mind and soul in the right place for a more joy-filled day. Prayers help them to:

a. Start their day with praise for all God is, and all that he is doing in their life.
b. Set their mind on God and all his goodness.
c. Fill their morning with thankfulness for all the blessings in their life.
d. Invite God into the day ahead and ask his help in the areas they know will be difficult.

Daily prayers

3. Prayer help in making better decisions:

Young students often make wrong decisions and then regret them later on. They are usually unable to make calm and well-thought decisions.
Praying and asking for God’s guidance about each decision will help the kids make better choices.
Schools can help the students communicate with God through daily prayers, and help them include God in all their big and small decisions.
The students would find that it is God who will lead them into making wiser choices.

4. More frequent communication builds a stronger relationship:

To develop a strong relationship, frequent communication is a must. The more quality conversations two people have, the better their relationship will be.
The same is true with God. If children are to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God, they need to talk to him on a daily basis. They need to have frequent, quality conversations with him. They have to:

a. Go beyond simply reciting prayers, and build a connection with God.
b. Open their heart and invite God into their life.
c. Share their struggles and challenges with him.
d. Celebrate their blessings and victories with him.
e. Ask his help and guidance.
f. Ask forgiveness for the areas in which they fall short.

daily prayers

5. Opening their heart to god daily, allows god to transform their heart:

Prayer isn’t a transaction. It’s a relationship with God.
God’s focus is always on the young hearts, he wants to win over these young hearts and move them closer to his. He may do that through answering the kid’s earthly needs, or he may do that by taking away the kid’s focus from the things that are going wrong in the his life.
When the students spend regular, frequent time in prayer, they allow God to do his work in their heart.

Through prayer, God will transform their life and bring them to new joy in him. Prayer is where transformation happens, where their heart is healed and renewed.