The importance of sports for the overall growth of students

India is one of the most developing countries in the world but with the development, there is no change in perception of sports and games. Sports and games are still one of the insignificant things in Indian schools and are thought out to be just as physical activity. Sports are much more than just playing a mere role of physical activity and has its own importance for the overall growth of the students.

Sports and games are widely more than the benefits of physical things, it upsurges the confidence, self-respect and mental agility which are some of the essentials in the curriculum. Sports is one of the integral aspects of a student’s life. In the journey of student life, every student puts his/her maximum efforts to be at the top of every test and examination. But, he/she should be more or less get involved in playing games to be healthy.

The importance of sports for the overall growth of students

Why sports should be included in schooling?

Why sports should be included in schooling

School is the place where the student spends their major time and learn several things from there. Participation of students in school sports provides a sense of attachment and being part of a group, provide the means to work in a team environment. In addition to that, it supports them to connect with peers in a pleasant and affable manner.

When students work together towards achieving any common goal it makes them think about the interests of teammates and assist them to learn the habit of mutual respect and acquire their combined effort. Actively being operative with each other, sharing time and emotional space motivates us to apprehend each other. Furthermore, it helps to learn how to endure success and failure as a squad. The entire communication can considerably make the formation of bonding and enduring friendship easier with the schoolmates, it is an effective way of making children sociable in the coming times of career.

The advantages of playing sports are large in numbers, and it proves itself to be beneficial to balance mental growth. It is an effective way to make them understand life skills such as social skills, teamwork, leadership and willingness to endure and It infuses confidence and discipline.

Mistakes are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Every parent should be open to the mistakes of their child as it is these mistakes that will allow him or her to learn valuable lessons of life.

Forgiveness is again a fundamentally important quality that can make a child grow in a healthier and more productive environment.

Several kinds of research have shown that children who are indulged in sports and physical activities are less likely to be influenced in the direction of crime. How?

influenced in the direction of crime
Being engaged in sports lessen the duration of unsupervised free time for them and put a stop to apathy. This prevents them to get engaged in the habit of smoking, alcohol, and drugs. It was seen and became evident with the passing time that girls who are involved in sports are more good at school and have adapted certain things such as goal setting, planning, and strategizing that plays an integral role in your development at the workplace.

How schools can help students through sports and games?

Schools should include administered and non-administered sports in the curriculum as it is helpful for both the categories of students who require special guidance for any specific game from coaches and also for those who want to play random games at random time without any guidance. Supervised games appear as a problem for kids of young age as there freedom of playing any game is put under the restriction.

Non-administered sessions provide the students with more flexible opportunities and allow them to adopt there own rules and regulations of the game. There is no hinderance lying in fronts of them such as a pre-decided team or rules. It helps them to have fun and creativity without any interference from the adults.

What are the physical benefits of integrating sports?

Sports not only have its advantages socially and mentally but also have an impact physically and some of them are listed below:

What are the physical benefits of integrating sports

  1. It reinforces the heart seeing that it is as same as the other muscles. All the muscles of the human body get strengthen and turn healthy, stronger and more efficient with responding to the physical activity. Strengthening the heart reduces the chances of heart disease.
  2. It helps in the cleaning process of arteries and veins and reduces fat and bad cholesterol. Stringent workout or physical activity increases the flexibility of blood vessels and does not allow sugar to stack up in the bloodstream as it uses glucose from the bloodstream to generate energy.
  3. Sports and games strengthen the lung and improve breathing. Physical activity makes moving in and out of the body easier which pulls more oxygen inside the blood.
  4. An increase in weight is a major problem with children these days. It controls the weight and keeps them fit.


Moderately preceptor and government departments recognized the prominence of “sports and games” and are moving ahead to embrace it as an intrinsic part of the school education. Earlier it used to be just an activity which used to be performed during breaks or is treated as a “period of a break” but now with the change in the time, it is a new way to promote the hidden sports talent in students.