How debate competition is useful for students in schools

Communication is a fundamental need for human beings to sustain in the world. Having good communication skills plays a major role in developing the overall personality or to make a person successful. The debate is a discussion on a subject on which several people share their different opinions, it can be favourable towards the topic or it can be non-favourable.

In today’s competitive world it is very essential to teach your child about the outside world. There are numerous ways to make them aware of the outer world. Nowadays, children are largely engaged in technology and not getting involved in actual intercommunication. So, this arises the need to motivate your children to get involved and participate in debates. These competitions help them to develop self-expression.

Debate Competition

Debate Competition for students is very influential as it helps them to boost their confidence, remove the fear of speaking in public, develop critical thinking, how to think and communicate under pressure.

Students as a part of debate experience considerable advantages, whether they are part of school debate teams or if they debate as a member of a social or political club.

The main aspiration of being a part of the debate is to convey yourself in a concise way so that people around you understand your point of view and your thought process, but it should be done with using the logic that is convincing and effective.

What is the importance of debate competition in schools?

Following points highlight the importance of debate competition:

1. Debate hone the critical thinking
Debate hone the critical thinking skills of the students and allow them to inspect and scrutinize the subject matter they have been asked for. They develop the habit of not accepting passive information. They are enforced to examine those substances which have a certain meaning and throw out meaningless material. It motivates them to analyse what is their thought process and why they think in that particular way.

2. Better understanding
In the process of debating students gain an understanding to have conviction in the things what they are saying as they have prepared well for the topic. After a certain time of participating in debate competition, the communication skill improves and the way of delivering the speech gets better in a confident manner.

3. Increased retention
The debate is a very creative way of increasing the retention ability of the students as it is a vigorous and interesting way of learning which grab the attention of the mind thoroughly. Hence, participating in debate competitions helps students to recall everything that they have learned when it is compared to traditional learning.

4. Team bonding and collaboration
Team bonding and collaboration is one of the things which builds up during the debate. Collaborating in debate helps it to go well in a smooth manner and students participating in it feel confident and they get support from their team members. It leads to a strong team bonding.

5. Motivate to research and learn
Debate participation helps in developing the research skills and increases knowledge about a particular topic. When a child is going to represent his points in a debate he needs to substantiate it with the facts for which they need to research thoroughly. It is very important for them to get indulge in research as it prepares them to perform excel in the future. It allows them to examine the outside world other than the academics.

Tips and Techniques for Healthy Debate Competition

debate competition in schoolPrepare for the debate topic. Never think that you have complete knowledge about the topic and you can participate without any preparation. Read more about the topic and have complete knowledge about your subject.

1. Always have complete focus on the topic, whether you are speaking about a subject which has been asked to you. One should not get deviated from the topic and stick to the matter which has been asked.

2. Whenever you are participating in a debate always keep in mind that your pace should be slow, clear and attractive so that it can maintain the interest of the others and they will be able to understand what is your viewpoint.

3. Your body language should always compliment your content of the debate. Body language plays a major role in maintaining the interest of the other people and it conveys a message to your audience.

4. Participants should be entirely concentrated and listen to every word which the opponent is presenting in the competition. Take good notes which you think are useful and will be helpful to enhance your knowledge.

5. Justify your every statement by backing it with an appropriate example or story to explain and make people understand what you are trying to say. Always conclude it with strong points.

 Conclusion – The importance of debate can be easily analysed if we focus on its benefits. Participating in debates build up the confidence of the students to speak to people being upfront as they have gone through the arguments in their lives. Having a clear mindset is very essential because it enables you to think to a greater extent and debate broadens your thinking capacity. The opportunities to participate in debate competition is growing these days and children can take part in it at different levels.