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    School is a second home for children as they spend majority of time in school after their home. Just as parents take care of their children at home, teachers are the one at the school. As much as parents know their children, teachers know their students in and out. The school believes that the future of the world is in the classroom today, so its the duty of the school to secure every one present in the school campus not only through education but through all means. Providing quality and nutritious food is equally important and is a responsibility of a school.


    Saraswati Shishukunj, Borsad is a highly reputed school in Borsad and in near areas for its quality of education and facilities the school provides. School provides food to everyone in the school from the primary section to higher secondary section. The school takes care of the hygiene and nutrition to a great extent. The school has done all the provision for the students to make them comfortable in school so that they can just concentrate on studies. There is a huge dining section to accommodate student and make them seat comfortably and have lunch and snacks in the school. There are in all 3500 students in the school and the school takes care of proper hygiene in food preparation. More than 40 ladies work in the kitchen daily in order to prepare fresh and tasty food for students. To save time school has provision for 4 big machines that prepares roti / Chapati for 3500 students every day. The ladies in the kitchen starts the food preparation early in the morning around 6 am.

    On an average 174 kg of wheat flour is used every day satisfy students hunger. They have the provision of 4000 plates for 3500 students and none of the students uses the same plates per day. Students are divided grade wise and they have their fixed time for lunch. Lunch is compulsory served in the dining hall and is started by a prayer. All the ladies working in a kitchen are given certain roles to perform every day; roles like serving food, cleaning bench and taking care of students while they are eating food. Saraswati Shishukunj takes care of the students following a particular religion. Food served in school is completely and 100% pure veg, but they also take care of students who follow Jainism and Swaminarayan religions. Food for those students is made differently in different utensils.

    Dine in facility at Saraswati Shishukunj

    School provides a complete meal to cover all nutrients. Students of higher secondary are also provided afternoon snacks as they stay longer in school. The school takes care of all the seasonal food and prepare different food for students. To keep the essence of all the religion, Saraswati Shishukunj mostly celebrates all the festival and the menu that day represents that festival to make it more enjoyable to students.

    The most motivating and positive response the school every year receives is parents complaining of their children getting addicted to school food and taste and starts liking more than their home food; which the school takes pride in. Our motto is to keep students healthy and eat clean food that helps their brain to grow and become sharp